Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Opa Told me this Story

So I'm in WWII and we're chasing the Germans out of France. I'm in charge of forward scouting and choosing positions based on suitability. I totally fucked up one time. I chose this field by a mountain with a town on the side. There was sunshine and wine and women nearby. That spot was a taste of life. Those god damn Germans knew we'd set up shop there. They left behind a howitzer that had our camp in the cross hairs before we even camped. Once it got dark they started shelling us. They totally killed our kitchen. I was hiding and cursing myself. Goddammit… of course we'd camp here.

Within earshot of Opa.

Dean: Father, hallowed be your name. Your Kindom come. I pray to you. Deliver me into peace.
Jay: Me too god. Me too...

Mess was out.. No one died and the women were nice. Opa kept his job.

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