Thursday, April 4, 2013

Great White Hope to Wait... Might... Nope...

Back in January Brightsource shelved their huge 500 MW Rio Mesa Projects. Here's some of the fun shit they were up against with that project.
Why the decision now to put the Rio Mesa projects to sleep? After more than a year of permitting review, "there remained a number of areas at the Rio Mesa site which required additional analysis," the spokesperson acknowledged. These included uncompleted geoarchaeological and archaeological studies, surveys of birds and bats and late-season botany, and clarification of project acreage and further impact assessment (e.g. on desert tortoise and water delineation). And last year Ice Age fossils were discovered under the project site, necessitating a paleontological resources study.
Paleontological Resource study? Ouch!

Today another five bite the dust. This time it's the Hidden Hills Twin Towers of Power project. You want to know why these projects are getting shelved? The project description gives you a good idea. The Luz Power Towers use 340,000 computerized mirrors that focus light on boilers perched atop 750-foot towers - these magnificent bastards would make Rube Goldberg blush.

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