Saturday, April 20, 2013

92.2 TWh of Lights in Japan - LEDs are a Mighty Ally

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A study in Japan has concluded that the country’s annual energy consumption could be slashed by 9 percent [92.2 TWh] if it were possible to replace all the fluorescent and incandescent lights used in Japan with LED lights.
The study referred to in the quote is from 2011 - mostly likely scrambled together post 311. Big Big Big picture... 92.2 TWh is a huge amount of electricity. Japan would need to install around 70 GW of photoelectrics to generate 92.2 TWh of electricty. It would take 5 to 10 years to install this much solar in Japan using very aggressive deployment assumptions. I'm not saying deploying solar this fast isn't possible - it certainly is... But LEDs will likely beat solar to the punch.

Consider the whole world. The screamers say utilities are scared of solar... In the near term I think LEDs are a bigger problem for Utilities. Utilities can argue against replacing lightbulbs with fantastical claims but I highly doubt their arguments will gain an audience.

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