Friday, April 18, 2014


I’ve got this idea… It’s a minor modification to an existing device. It’s cheap to build and easy to operate.

Score: 1.23 for conservative. 1.5 for cheap. 1 for buildable. Point for easy. Minus 1 for operability.

Reminds me of a math joke about Arabs, Indians and Jews. Arabs added algebra and Indians the zero… Jews learned to count…

Sigh… There was this other story… About this fraud of an invention… Not a mousetrap at all… A scifi shakedown.

It’s a service to keep you out of mice.. But I don’t have mice. See… You don’t buy our service you gonna have mice… Big mother fucking mice… fangy and shit… I grew up with dem bastards in Bahmbalee… Wake up with that shit in your face-fuck-me… You don’t want that in your building…Bahmbalee mice suck balls you know… Literally… the balls are their favorite meat on the body. Weird creatures yeah. You think I’m lying… You wanna see one of these dremlins? No Mr. Mr.… That’s right… 50 Vigs a week… A week? I can’t do that… I don’t make that. WTF… Charlie, you said this guy was pumping. Shaking this fuck is for practice and spectacle… Marks over there. Seriously? Seriously mutha fucker? Why you wasting our time? Did you not just have fun? That fuck just pissed himself. Look at all that fun on the floor. Ready to make some more… huh. We goin across the street now.

Gentlemen please come in for a king’s dinner… steak, liquor and belly dancers for desert. Cut the shit Sherlock. You got 5 seconds to pay 50 vig a week… Five… Done… Please Please Please… sir… Please understand…We want your protection… WTF Charlie? What’s this guy’s game? I think he’s gonna try to suck your dick here pretty quick – maybe both our dicks at the same time… mimes milking cows horizontally close to his face… It is not like that. I am a business man… I understand that I need your insurance. I have penciled your going rate into my books. I don’t want to suck your dicks – especially not at the same time like that. What do think Charlie? Now that he doesn’t want to suck our dicks maybe we should make him…. I’m just kidding man. Let’s do that steak, liquor and belly dancing… Right this way gentlemen. Oh but please… after you Charlie…

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mac Bandy

Bandwagons aren't pulled, they're pushed.

New Word of the Day

from meme/myth, noun: a dullderous falsehood propogated by urban advertising.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Economics of Photoelectricity - April 2014

Economics of Photoelectricity - April 2014


*Consolidated the LCOE calculators into a single engine. This was a fundamental goal of the project when I started. The worksheet still has a dedicated Photoelectric LCOE calculator but now there's a generic calculator that handles biomass, coal, natural gas, wind etc.
*Updated and standardized the Assumption sets to feed the LCOE calculations.
*Cleaned up the Index page
*Added a Size Reporting tool
*Added Production, Consumption and Reserve data for Coal, Oil, Natural Gas and Uranium (Pending)
*Started work (just today) on a Reserve Unit Translator which should come in handy.

Can't remember where I left off last month.


*Fixed several problems with the unit calculator - Mostly in the Energy section... Realized the other sections must be full of problems.
*Fixed a subtle error in my existing LCOE calculator - subtle but embarassing.
*Updated the blender function considerably. The blender function is getting to be fucking awesome.
*Started work on a Power Plant database. Quickly discovered that the size of the database would be several MBs so I'm going to make it a stand-alone project. My intention is to develope a standard layout and then build a blender tool to facilitate merging databases.
*Added a Jobs page to track employment in solar, wind, coal, gas.
*I'm kinda tired...

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Speaking of Funky Camels


Ducks Suck... Go Beavers...

The funny thing about the quack curve is that it shows net load - as if there was a net around California's grid protecting it from all the hydro in the Pacific Northwest and all the thermal generation in the 4 Corner states. If there was an annual award for how to lie with statistics this graph would take home the dishonors.

 If you think the duck curve is bad hold on to your britches. The camel curve is way worse... This stanky bastard has been known to show up randomly in Socal when it's hotter than a sheriff's pistol outside... Speaking of guns... Hey Chavez... d' d' d'you guys see the size of that griffin? You don't want to be on shift for a Griffin Event... That's when a funky camel curve collides nut to butt with a randy duck curve - It's like you're in that movie with the boat and the wicked big waves... C'mahn you BITCH!!!!