Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Mom is a CSI Fan

Future KITT will have a solar boost. America Fuck Yeah!
I'm a fan of The Mentalist. I shouldn't admit to that but I am - seen every goddamn episode. My wife slays me for watching the show even though she watches the odd episode with me. Funny thing about The Mentalist though... Earlier this season they had an Elon Musk clone written in as the bad guy. That was awesome enough but recently they randomly mentioned Solar Power again. Hmmm. There's got to be someone in the show's chain of command with a hardon for solar. Period. Who is it? Don't know. Curious.
I'm also a fan of The Walking Dead. Aimee and I watch this show together - sigh... already miss it. In The Walking Dead they have (had) this Mayberry type town that has solar panels strewn around.

Hmmm... Two popular shows conspicuously featuring solar. 20 million viewers between shows. 20 million is a big number. Is solar stepping into the Zeitgeist? Goddamn I think it is.
In Mad Max the gold of the day is gas. I think the future Mad Max type movies (I hear they're doing a remake) will involve more and more solar - there will be Panel Raids and boobie-trapped panels and such. The future versions of the Book of Eli won't have the protagonist's Ipod batteries go dead. In the future versions of the future the character will get shot in his backpack which happens to have his solar power mat. The solar panels will be destroyed by the bullet but save Eli's life. Problem is now he has no power which means no music. Next thing you know he's off the path and into trouble. Point is... Our popular culture is steadily moving towards thinking of solar as the future in an explicit way. We're playing with it around the edges. That's my thought anyway. Who says you can't learn anything from television?

Mitch Hedberg: Do you think that when the guy came up with the idea to invent a bong a blacklight popped up over his head?

Me: Do you think that when the robot in 2087 comes up with the idea to invent a rust spray (aka:rain) to fend off the nanodestructobots a sun will pop up over his head?

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