Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chris and I and the Meaning of Life

This cell has a face.
Great hike + Great conversation + Great weather was my day today.  Capped it with a few Imperial
pints at the Tap and Barrel. Ran into a Red Wings fan and we watched the Wings make the winning goal that put them in charge of their destiny as far as making the playoffs goes. Being in control of your destiny is a possibility in sport but life isn't controllable like sport. Life giveth and taketh from us randomly. Chris's wife lost a great friend 2 weeks ago. Deb was the Maid of Honor at their wedding. A fucking car accident took her. Chris told me about the memorial. It was part real and part fake. The real parts were gutwrenchingly real but the fake parts were dressy and cheap. I've only been to one big memorial and I would call it kinda the same way. Celebrating a death is a tricky show. There's stumbling involved.

I feel like I know about too much death in world right now and it's getting to me. I've decided to quit it cold turkey. I want to turn the world bullshit down and my life up. Is there a knob or button to do that? I think there is. Some buttons lead to a shitty google news story about shitty angry death. Don't press those buttons. Press the buttons that call your friend. Turn up the good songs. Life chess. Seize the day and play it.
Chris asked me my take on the meaning of life. My take is... Make life bigger. Build a fabulous story and add it to all the rest.

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