Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mac Bandy

Whoa.. Wikipedia is Crazy.
Just got back from a LEED Platinum Bar. They use rainwater to flush the toilets. Had three Imperial Pints - will never drink Resistance Pints again.

Hail Caesar - follow your masters... become one... make and show and feel. Be ticklish.

Farmer to the Swine

Farmer: Feed Up. I'm not keeping you. I'm eating you.
Swine: I'm gon' eat it like I like Farmer.
Farmer: You gon' eat it just as fast as you can - Poof it's gone style. You're a pig pig.
Swine: Snort. Did you know meat tastes better when it's old?
Farmer: Don't make me laugh. We use a calendar.

Scram of Doors was inspired tonight. Best episode yet.

Ideas earn their audience.

We don't eat by edibility... We eat by eatabilty... Chew on that...

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