Monday, September 24, 2012

Shit... This guy Christian Breyer is Pretty Damn Smart Too!

If we are to consider the global PV industry growing to 300 GW/a by 2025, it would be a part of a major energy transformation. Why do you think such a transformation is necessary?
The key is energy, always energy. It’s the driver of the world and of course we hear that about oil but at the end it’s energy. We need to reach a minimum level of wealth to get the population growth down, and then we have a chance to manage all the further problems in the world. To stabilize the population at 10 billion people, we need to get people much wealthier than they are today in the developing countries. There is a minimum per capita income to get the birth rate per woman down to a level of two, and for that minimum income you need a minimum energy level. Without managing global population growth, we will for sure lose everything. If we get that fixed then we have a good chance to find a path to sustainability.

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