Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Is there a Clown Convention in Town that I don't know about?

SEIA Sheds Light on Tax Treatment of Solar Financing 

"Regardless of the financial structure used, studies have suggested that the government gets back more than the amount of the tax credit or Treasury cash grant in cases where solar systems are leased or the electricity is sold under a PPA. The government collects income taxes on the rents or electricity payments, unlike where systems are owned by customers directly.|
This is a multi-billion dollar lie.

The SEIA is actually suggesting that a cookbook manufactured by SolarCity qualifies as a study? Wow... Jeez... SEIA... You're fired. 

I read from over 20 different solar sites from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia just about everyday. You know how often I run into stuff from the SEIA? Once maybe twice a month. This in an era of massive solar tectonic movement no less. And then when they do open their mouth it's to be neutral on the CASM situation and/or this type drivel?

Dear SEIA,
Do better. 

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