Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Manner of Jackassery is this?

Solar Energy in the Central Valley and the Chicken and Egg Challenge

What's green, clownish and wrong all over? Carl Zichella. He's easily my least favorite green bureaucrat on the planet. It's like Robot says in Heavy Metal... "How'm I gonna fix this guy? He's fucked."

On one side of the aisle you have environmental organizations like Basin and Range Watch, Western Lands Project and Solar Done Right lobbying for local solar on previously disturbed land that avoids the need for expensive/unnecessary transmission projects. On the other you have folks like Zichella at the NRDC being backwards and having the audacity to advertise their backasswardery as virtue.

Note to self... Bureaucrat is a perfectly dispicable word - even spelling it is a pain. Speaking of which...

zichella (n): A phony green/environmental person, place, puppet or thing that says one thing and does another. AKA: greenwasher, shillbilly, D n' A

zichical (adj): Of pertaining to, or concerned with double negative advocacy (D n' A).

zich (vb): Fraudulent activity performed by an environmental group.

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