Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PEPE Updates

  • Added weather data from NASA for Monthly Average Temparature, Windspeed and Insolation. I cross referenced the data against a UN LOCODE database to eliminate Data from uninhabited areas. This filtering shrunk the weather database down to about 5 MB.
  • Yesterday I wrote some water heater energy demand simulation code. The algorithm starts with a water mains temperature simulation that's based on an NREL paper. On top of this sits an EPRI/LBL algorithm that uses household characteristics to statistically estimate daily water demand. Daily water demand, coupled with mains temerature is then used to estimate daily electricity use for water heating. The results are within 10% of where you'd expect them to be... Score...
  • Started conceptual work on an energy management algorithm. At this point I'm probably only a few hours from having an initial result to a project which has been years in the making.

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