Friday, November 9, 2012

Some thoughts on Pricing Trends, Harmonized FiTs and Rural DIYers.

For a  realtime German Solar Pricing Update go here. My informal tracking of the site indicates that prices are still trending down sharply - I'm swagging for a Q4 average price of ~1610 Euro/kW and 1525 Euro/kW in Q1.

One of the things I wonder is why continue setting the FiT rates differently between ground and  roof-mount systems when there's no longer a significant worry of people over-sizing their systems? It seems this previously useful differentiation should be discontinued. If this happens will average costs change due to the influx of small-ground mount systems entering the mix? Will ground mount DIY systems become the new thing in rural areas? I know I wouldn't want to climb up on my roof to drill holes and set anchors and such but if I had some spare land I'd seriously consider pouring concrete and setting posts for a tinker-toy racking system that came with slap n' snap panels. Call the electrician to do the hot work and bing you're photoelectrified.

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