Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby Food for Toothless Thinkers

Bloomberg came out with a  a masterpiece of a headline. Yeah...  

Frankly, I don't want to argue for or against global warming. What has that gotten the world? Empty promises piled high and deep. Studies which when stacked could reach to the moon and back. Meetings in far away lands filled with bureaucrats holding hands. Hmmm... There may be a song in there. At the very least a dirty limerick.

To me, time is better spent fighting against NOx, SOx and Mercury pollution from coal plants which you can measure. Time is better spent mandating CAFE standards which again, can be measured. Time is better spent on informing the public about the benefits of efficiency. Time is better spent in a lot of ways.

Global warming is effectively a side show filled with hysterics on one side who want/need a problem to worry about and peddlers on the other selling the masses their junk. If there's a problem fine... Approach it with calm thinking. Global warming rhetoric is buckshot -  a form of media which has turned casual readers/viewers into messy thinkers. The packaging of  the problem is problem in itself - it's incredibly unappealing to me.

What is the cause of Global Warming? Everyone says Carbon and I buy that. Where does the Carbon come from? The basic answer is that it comes from burning coal, oil and natural gas to get energy to do stuff.

To me, the solution to Carbon is to get energy from other places. We should focus on finding and exploiting the best places. There's one and only one clear answer... The SUN! Funny that the source of the problem is the source of the solution. Funny that we see it every day and don't think about it. Funny... Yeah... Fucking hilarious.

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