Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Hero is me in 10 Years

In a moment of giddy candor Musk revealed that his hero is him in 10 years. When ask why 10 years Musk paused thoughtfully... "It's not an exact science but I figure I'll need 10 more years to build my life-force. Additionally... Our technology roadmaps need this amount of time to reach criticality." It was at this point that Musk started dropping bombs... "Developing the Lithium Ion battery factory has nothing to do with cars... It's all about achieving power densities that enable Lightsabers. Red, Green, Blue... We think we can achieve the full spectrum of Sabers." In a subsequent revelation the father of SpaceX indicated his space project also has nothing to do with its stated goals... "Mars is a lifeless ball of dirt which I have no interest in visiting... Our goal is to develop a space cruiser capable of reaching Tatooine." May the Force be with you Elon.

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