Friday, May 31, 2013

Economics of Photoelectricity - June 2013

Economics of Photoelectricity - June 2013 (click me... I'll take you to a download page)

- New stuff...
- I reworked the Inputs page. The new layout has some bugs but it works most of the time. In situations where the suggested inputs block contains data with Standard Deviation values the code will execute a Monte Carlo type simulation - takes about 5 seconds on my computer. The graph tab (4th over) has an interactive visualization of the results - See picture below.
- As far as the calculations go I shifted away from prorating the code by month. I figured out that my prorating code was changing results significantly. Basically what was happening with previous versions was that if you chose January as a start month you'd be fine but if you chose any other month you'd be hooped. This occurred because I didn't prorate my inflation and discounting equations. I understand how to fix the problem but have decided against making the program unnecessarily complicated. I want this program to make sense to people (me first off). All the new prorating logic would work against my goal of making this program readable. So... I've decided (for now) to eliminate first year and last year prorating and run the simulation as if the system was installed in January. This effects the code by 1%. The code isn't meant to be +/- 1% accurate so WGAF.
- Plenty of new Feed in Tariff data - new countries and updates to existing countries.
- Added a retail electricity price converter. This new converter allows you to look at retail electricity prices in any currency.
- Added a System ASP converter. This new converter allows you to convert the price of a Photoelectric system from its native currency to the currency of your choosing.
- Added a Unit Converter and a Currency converter with simple interfaces.
- Et Cetera....

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