Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another

Date Company Country Event
April, 2010 Sunfilm Germany Insolvency
June, 2010 Signet Solar Germany Insolvency
September, 2010 Meier Solar Solutions Germany Insolvency
July, 2011 Pevafersa Spain Insolvency
July, 2011 Blue Chip Energy GmbH Germany Insolvency
August, 2011 Evergreen Solar USA Insolvency
September, 2011 Solyndra USA Insolvency
September, 2011 SpectraWatt USA Insolvency
September, 2011 Stirling Energy Systems USA Insolvency
October, 2011 Arise Technologies Deutschland GmbH Germany Insolvency
October, 2011 Gecko Group Germany Insolvency
November, 2011 Photowatt International SAS France Insolvency, Acquired by EdF
November, 2011 Xgroup Spa Italy Insolvency
December, 2011 Aleo Solar Germany Issues profit warning
December, 2011 BP Solar England Leaving the field
December, 2011 Solar Millenium Germany Insolvency
December, 2011 Solon Germany Germany's First Listed Solar company to file for Insolvency, Assets sold to Microsol
February, 2012 Energy Conversion Devices USA Insolvency
March, 2012 Ralos New Energies Germany Insolvency
February, 2012 Scheuten Germany Insolvency
February, 2012 Scheuten Solar Netherlands Insolvency, Assets sold to Sunways
February, 2012 SunConcept Holding Germany Insolvency
March, 2012 HB Solar Germany Insolvency
March, 2012 Odersun Germany Insolvency
March, 2012 Solarhybrid Germany Insolvency
April, 2012 Q-Cells Germany Insolvency
April, 2012 Solarday Italy Insolvency
April, 2012 Solar Trust of America USA Insolvency
April, 2012 Sunways Germany Acquired by LDK
May, 2012 Inventux Technologies Germany Insolvency
May, 2012 Pairan GmbH Germany Insolvency
May, 2012 Pramac Switzerland Insolvency
May, 2012 Silicio Solar Spain Insolvency
May, 2012 Solecture Germany Insolvency
May, 2012 Sovello Germany Insolvency
June, 2012 Global Solar Energy Germany Insolvency
June, 2012 Konarka Technologies USA Insolvency
June, 2012 MX Group Italy Leaving the field
June, 2012 NovaSolar USA Insolvency
June, 2012 Solarwatt Germany Insolvency
June, 2012 Solibro USA Sold to Hanergy for
July, 2012 Abound USA Insolvency
July, 2012 Amonix USA Announced closing of Las Vegas Factory
July, 2012 Centrotherm Photovoltaics Germany Insolvency
July, 2012 Gecko Group USA Puts Colorado CdTe Factory on hold
July, 2012 Schott Solar AG Germany Closes manufacturing plant in Albuquerque
July, 2012 Sunstrom Germany Insolvency
August, 2012 AQT USA Insolvency
August, 2012 Schüco International Germany Shuts down Großröhrsdorf plant
September, 2012 Miasole USA Sold to Hanergy for 30 million
September, 2012 Schüco International Germany Shuts down Osterweddingen plant, Exits Crystalline module manufacturing business
September, 2012 Solarwatt The Netherlands Majority takeover by Stefan Quandt
September, 2012 VHF Technologies/Flexcell Switzerland Insolvency
October, 2012 3S Soluciones Spain Insolvency
October, 2012 Aleo Solar Germany Production partially reduced
October, 2012 Oerlikon Solar Switzerland majority takeover by Stefan Quandt
October, 2012 Q-Cells Germany Acquired by Hanwha Chemical Corporation
October, 2012 Schott Solar AG Germany Halts crystalline solar manufacturing in Germany
October, 2012 Siemens Germany Closed solar power business
October, 2012 Hilber Solar Austria Insolvency
November, 2012 Suntech China Suntech reduces production and cuts jobs at Goodyear Arizona Facility - around 50 jobs lost
December, 2012 JA Solar China Retires 300 MW of outdated cell production and 300 MW ouf outdated module production
December, 2012 SiC Processing AS Norway Insolvency
January, 2013 Asola Quantum Solarpower Germany Insolvency
January, 2013 Siliken Spain Insolvency
February, 2013 Innovacion en Alta Tecnologia Solar (Iatso) Spain Insolvency
February, 2013 Isofoton Spain Announced Restructuring
February, 2013 Phoenix Solar Germany Announced Restructuring
March, 2013 Suntech China Suntech Shuts down Goodyear Arizona Facility - 43 jobs lost - Over 100 jobs lost altogether at facility
March, 2013 Suntech China Suntech files for Insolvency
March, 2013 Bosch Germany Bosch shuts down solar division. Around 3000 jobs will be lost
March, 2013 HaWi Energietechnik AG Germany Insolvency
March, 2013 Solarion AG Germany Insolvency
March, 2013 Aion Renewables Italy Insolvency
March, 2013 W.Y.S.I. Sprl. (Elect-ra) Belgium Insolvency

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