Monday, March 25, 2013

The Fools Rule

The phone line analogy doesn't fit electricity very well. It offers up this idea of jumping from no electricity to autonomy.This idea surely came out of some TED type speech... People get all oorah on it and the meme gets out there. 
I think Theaters vs. TVs is the better analogy to use with PV vs the grid. Theaters are centralized while TVs are distributed. TV started out expensive with limited offerings but got cheaper and delivered more content over time. As a result, TVs have stolen market share from Theaters but they haven't replaced them. It's reasonable to expect a similar dynamic to play out with PV vs. The Grid moving forward. The Theater vs. TV analogy has its limitations but it easily beats the phone analogy. There's a step by step process vs. the foolish leap idea. 

The foolish leap idea is the thing that is sold over and over again. It's the BS idea. The shortcut. The get healthy without trying snake oil. It's been going on for hundreds of years. You'd think the communication age would make it easier to clear up the facts and get people on the same page. The opposite is true.  Snake oil rules. You can perfect your eloquence all you want. The fools rule. It fucking sucks. 


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