Wednesday, December 19, 2012


You don't need to speak French to appreciate this
My coworkers and I spend a lot of time discussing TV shows, movies, music and P.I. stories. Brock has been pushing Let's Go to Prison for the last two months. I just finished it. It's a surpisingly good flick considering the subject. Check it.

My buddy Brian works in special effects. He's worked on high level stuff. He recently suggested The Core. The Core is apparently so bad it's good. I've yet to verify this recommendation but I intend to immediately.FOLLOW UP: Yeah... Awesomely Awful! Watched it twice it was so bad.

I grew up on film. One of my first memories was at a drive in theater where my dad worked. He stopped by to check on me between shows in a double feature. Good times. My dad and I never stopped going to movies together. If I had a nickle for every movie we snuck into I'd have a lot of nickels. In all the years we snuck into movies we only got caught once. Good times.

When I was in college I had a neighbor who was a movie afficianado. He had nothing but Academy Award winning movies/performances on VHS. That's how I got into The Godfather type films...

If you really want to see a good film just google Academy Award Best Picuture and start with the 60s. This is how I found Midnight Cowboy, Raging Bull and The French Connection. These movies give you insight into things. They make jokes and stories make sense. So.... If you haven't seen one of the movies on the list do a couple shots of your favorite spirit and watch it. If you don't like it try the next. And so on... If you don't hit a film you like within 3 tries you don't need to bother with film. Some people don't like sex. Life's a fucking mystery. I don't bother with people who don't like movies or sex. They don't have much to say that's interesting to me.

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