Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Energy Supply Policies need Complementary Energy Demand Policies

These ladies are very upset with the Memo Situation
National Grid: More than 10GW of solar will overload UK grid

The Germans used the 70% rule as a quick and cost-effective way to defer this 10 GW problem the National Grid is so concerned about. You'd think the big brains in the National Grid office would have heard of the 70% rule? I'm thinking the memo system in Europe must be completely fucked at the moment because nobody seems to be getting their messages. But I digress...

The secondary solution to the over-production problem is to increase daytime demand. You do this by installing smart appliances that delay start up or shape their demand in coordination with solar production. As an added bonus the smart appliance will also seek out excess wind or thermal production in the dead of night. A smart appliance could also help maintain stable system frequency by shutting down when frequency dips below some critical threshold. These smart appliances may sound magical but it turns out we can put a lot of functionality on a $10 chip. It's great that the Brits and the Germans and the Japanese and Australians et al. have Energy Supply Policies... All we need now is for everybody to realize we need complementary Energy Demand Policies. 

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