Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We're not gonna take it...

I've been thinking about the roadblocks various utilities are setting up to prevent people from installing photoelectric systems. Things like capping PE installs at 15% of peak load. Rather than fight the utility every step of the way on these issues what about going the nuclear route?
What if We the People declared independence and purchased our local distribution circuits. The utility would continue to make, ship and sell electricity but they wouldn't hold authority over local distribution. We'd write our own rules - a highly customizable Power Constitution. We'd pay into a public/private insurance pool to cover contingencies such as weather related powerline damage. Brokers would be used to ensure the customer pool (a community/city/region etc.) is protected from gauging by subcontractors (the utility and/or independents). Transaction costs would encourage conglomeration while local circumstance would encourage separation. Between the push and pull you'd find a competitive balance.

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