Thursday, August 9, 2012

Union, Justice and Confidence

Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime
In Lousiana they have an amazingly generous 50% tax credit for solar and wind installations. The credit caps out at $12,500. As an added bonus the credit is compatible with the 30% federal ITC such that a full 80% of a solar installation can be written off.

Jeff Shaw is the executive director of the Luisiana ASES chapter and the owner of a solar installation business in Baton Rouge. He claims the tax credits are a good deal for the state after you look at all the benefits. In the article mentioned above he's quoted as saying, "If the tax break is reduced, I think it would almost crush the industry."

You read that right folks. According to Jeff Shaw, reducing the states 50% tax credit would almost crush the solar industry in Lousiana. Get serious man. There are hand ups and then there are hand outs. And then there's Louisiana where Arm and a Leg outs are on the menu. Hell with the budgets. Screw the schools and hospitals - save the whales.

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