Saturday, January 11, 2014

So I'm tryin' to hail this cab

in the rain... tryin to hail this cab for me and my girl who for Christmas I purchased a sweet pair of boots which she was wearing this very night for the first time in the rain. Opa... Leaning into traffic waving at lights. 5 minutes go by. As the cab I finally caught rolled up this bitch pops out 3 feet ahead of me and tries to take my cab. It was ridiculously rude. My wife and I simultaneously verbally and physically express... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm standing here waving my umbrella. The chick next to my wife says... Oh I didn't know he was your wife... The bitch in front of me says... meyan... meyan... yan... han... Actually made that sound.... Don't hit me with your umbrella... I shake my head.. no... I'm tryin' to get my wife home... she's got fancy boots and it's raining... And this is my cab. Bitch ran off and by wife ran up. Then we laughed our asses off.

Good night...

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