Saturday, September 14, 2013

Holy Grail Quotes are Like Assholes

"The 'holy grail' is a photovoltaic module that gives the biggest bang for its buck—with high efficiency, lower materials costs, streamlined and scalable manufacturing and unquestionable reliability. The photovoltaic modules you can buy today have a few of these attributes, but not all of them together."
Grid parity, the point at which an alternative energy can generate electricity at more or less what it costs to buy it from a utility, is the Holy Grail for all renewable energy sources, and in theory it should have a profound impact on power market dynamics.
Jason Deign
In solar cell technology, thin films are the Holy Grail.
Glen Martin
“Splitting water with sunlight is the Holy Grail of a sustainable hydrogen economy.”
Midwest Renewable Energy Association at the annual renewable energy festival, stressed on storage technology, calling it the "Holy Grail" of the renewable energy movement.
"As shown, if the company were to realize its 2016 targets, it would be uniquely positioned on the module landscape -- close to industry-leading efficiency at industry-leading cost. This is the long-sought-after holy grail of PV module manufacturing, and countless startups have perished in its pursuit." 
Shyam Mehta - The Roadmap to El Dorado: SunEdison's PV Module Technology Strategy  
It is important to note that while the holy grail for the automotive industry has been maximising energy storage capacity while reducing weight (electric vehicle batteries are enormously heavy, and thereby affect range, performance etc), at a residential or grid level, size and weight is far less of an issue.
Giles Parkinson - Why the hot money is chasing energy storage

“Battery storage is the holy grail of the off-the-grid crowd." Don’t like solar PV? Ban new installations

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