Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ducks Suck... Go Beavers...

The funny thing about the quack curve is that it shows net load - as if there was a net around California's grid protecting it from all the hydro in the Pacific Northwest and all the thermal generation in the 4 Corner states. If there was an annual award for how to lie with statistics this graph would take home the dishonors.

 If you think the duck curve is bad hold on to your britches. The camel curve is way worse... This stanky bastard has been known to show up randomly in Socal when it's hotter than a sheriff's pistol outside... Speaking of guns... Hey Chavez... d' d' d'you guys see the size of that griffin? You don't want to be on shift for a Griffin Event... That's when a funky camel curve collides nut to butt with a randy duck curve - It's like you're in that movie with the boat and the wicked big waves... C'mahn you BITCH!!!!

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