Friday, December 20, 2013

Mac Bandy

Got this new cat two days ago. She was born in August 2012. Led to naming her Augustine which
we've shortened to Auggie. Leelu and Auggie aren't getting along quite yet. Leelu has been a gracious hostess so far. Auggies basically like...  just like: I got no tricks bitch. I Purr... That's my shtick. Ain't got no pretty princess fur like you. Look at this shit. If my color was a crayon kids wouldn't use it. Whateva... I'm not cute. But I use my legs... and I use my style... and I use my sexy.... and I use my fingers and I use my... my... my ... imagination. Bitches... I'm happy to be here. Merry Christmas. I'm totally down for fucking that tree up. Leelu... Yeah.. I know... That tree needs to be fucked big time. I'm pretty sure we'll have a window tomorrow. Auggie... Cool... we'll do that then.

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