Thursday, July 4, 2013

Smart & Buff

The IndiGo kit consists of a 3-watt solar panel, a battery, two LED lamps, a phone charging unit, and connection cables.

Sounds great but at $120 a pop these things seem ten times too expensive.

-Three watts is less than the output of one solar cell. One cell costs $1.70
-The two lamps are 55 lumen lamps. That's 75 cents worth of LED chips.
-The battery powers the lights for 7 hours so I'd estimate you'd need at around 10 watt-hours. That's $6.50 worth of battery.
-This thing really does seem ten times too expensive.

Here's another IndiGo Lantern with a great tag line - 60 seconds of wind gives you one hour of shine... Oh, and it costs $12.94.

Freeplay Indigo Lantern

Imagine these Kenyan kids staying up into the night cranking these lights up every hour. Would you be able to spot the smartest kids by their forearm muscle tone?

Now... If you could build a muscle-powered X-box the gamers would definitely be ripped.

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