Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fuck it

Onkar is always bringing up The Daily Show. Today I found the time to catch an episode. QOTD...
"Sixty percent of the personal bankruptcies in this country come from medical bills."
Steven Brill
By bestest and most fabulous friend and ex-roommate Dave was on a work trip in Florida. He had chest pains that he figured were indicative of a flu but then they got harder. He happened to be working for a multi-millionaire who suggested his heart doctor surgeon next-door neighbor take a look at him. So the doctor friend does a quick survey of Dave and recommends an immediate emergency room visit. Well shit. Dave can't pay for an ER visit. This is his first week back at work after 3 years of industry funk. I talked to him on Skype. He was in tears - real, I'm gonna die tears. He told me he was worried of death. Fuck. Breath. Breath. He told me the plan. I put in for this insurance. I have to wait until the end of the month before I become qualified. I'll go see them then and they'll do all the things I need right now. Dave made it through the month and made it down to the hospital and is alive and well... and not bankrupt. In other roommate news. This story will fuck you up. My last month of the Navy was April of 2002. I was closing out six years. My boat had an ops voyage the week I was getting out so I was given a temp office in Bremerton. I'd show up at 8 a.m. They'd chat with me a bit about my plans and then send me home. Work situation check. I was living with a couple I'd known for a couple of years. I thought I was going to be there for a couple of weeks but Heather came up to me one day just as she was getting home from work and she said I had to go. I said.... Right now? She said, no but as soon as you get discharged. I said OK, OK, done... I'll be out of here day after tomorrow. Imagine that wacky situation on the day before your last day of prison. I don't have to imagine. So two days later I'm back in San Luis Obispo... SLO we call it... Not for efficiency in the classic sense of the word... SLO is a magical place-time. I arrive in SLO flat footed. I end up in a roommate situation with a guy by the name of Jeff and a girl by the name of Sarah. Yesterday I read the news about how my ex-roommate's twin brother was involved in a shootout double cop murder. I look at the mug shot and it's my ex-roommate. I think I actually met this guy once. Weird, Freaky, Crazy... That's my Seinfeld roommate story for the day. Here's my nightmare. Sixteen days ago Chris Dorner had a shootout walking distance from my Mom's house. Dear God... WTF... Would you hold off on that shit comes in three cliche. So I'm going to Morocco tomorrow for twelve days. P.S. I'm tired... This formatting situation sucks but Fuck it.

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