Wednesday, February 27, 2013

EPE Update - March

Economics of Photoelectricity - March Update

Lots of new stuff...

I added two particularly interesting things to this revision of  EPE.

#1. There's now a VBA calculation that runs parallel to the excel based calculations. If you go into the VBA screen you'll see the algorithms.
#2. I added self-consumption calculations of thermal energy offsets. This added element allows for the estimation of self-consumption scenarios divided between electricity and heat.

By a show of hands... How many people understand what I'm talking about here?


Don't be afraid. I'll try to break it down even though it's bed time for me. A photoelectric system makes electricity right. Electricity can do lots of stuff. Run blenders and blow-dryers, dodads, thingies, whatsits, flumbobs and so on.

Big picture there are electrical appliances that need power and heating applications that need power. The electrical appliances can only use electricity for power but the heating applications can use electricty and/or some sort of fuel for power - most likely natural gas but there are dozens of other possible fuels. Electricity (Fuel A) has a different price than heating fuel (Fuel B). Now, the way I set the spread sheet up is that in addition to self-consumption that displaces electricity now there are calculations that look at self-consumption which offsets fuel.

You set a price for electricity (fuel A) and you set a price for fuel B. These prices are then used to quantify the profitability of a solar power system that offsets fuel A & B separately.

OK... Maybe this still doesn't make sense. I'll read it in my morning and try to make it flow better. Good Night Sweethearts.

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