Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Average Price vs. NPV vs. MIRR Trends in Germany

*All averages are capacity weighted
*Assumptions: 11 Euro/kWp O&M with a 2% inflation rate, .50% degredation rate, 30 year system life, replace inverter in year 15, replacement cost 150 Euro/kWp, 1% Electricity price inflation rate, 10 cents/kWh post FiT renumeration rate, 20% self-consumption, 10 year loan term, Linear depreciation - 10 year, 4.5% discount rate
*Self-consumption kicker profits have not been calculated yet - this will shift the NPV and MIRRs up.
*System costs, interest rate, percentage financed and kWh/kWp performance come from data set.

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