Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mac Bandy

  • It don't need to be pretty... just needs to work. Making work look pretty is for artists. Are you an artist? OK then STFU.
  • This ain't a footsteps in the sand world. That's a fairy tale.
  • We make jokes about Mexicans being lazy. Truth is they're the hardest working people on the block. Makes you realize jokes on them are jokes on you.
  • We're all savages when the lights go out.
  • Sometimes I make a big sneeze. Some time later I discover a mystery ball of snot on my shirt sleeve or collar. It's like Something About Mary.
  • My buddy's little boy stuck a fork in a socket. He called the experience a "Lite Bite!"
  • I've never seen a QB the size of this Kaepernick. He moves like da devil. Doze tatoos are blacka magic.
  • The Heart of the Devil is made of Gold.
  • Information No results found for "the heart of the devil is made of gold" - Booya... 
  • I just heard the newslady use the term suffering from gunshot wounds. Umm... Recovering?
  • Some people go to therapy. I watch football. Reminds me of being 16. Wish I could still run like that. What's taking so long with the Brave New World perfection genetics. Stay perfect until it's time to die and then you just go into a shoot. 
  • Slaves to beauty are we.
  • TO ALL MY FRIENDS!!!! Cheers

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