Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let's Play What's Wrong?

PUCO deals blow to AEP solar project

"Turning Point, estimated at one time to cost $250 million, was announced in October 2010 with much fanfare by AEP and then-Gov. Ted Strickland in the closing weeks of his re-election campaign. He said it would lead to 300 permanent manufacturing jobs and 300 construction jobs."

"It’s deeply disappointing that Gov. Kasich has given the appearance his administration is more interested in rewarding his campaign donors than supporting a project that would create more than 600 jobs, including many for veterans,” Redfern said."

  • A 50 MW solar project will not create 300 permanent jobs - more like 10.  
  • Veterans don't like it when assholes wrap themselves in the flag.
  • 50 MW plants don't cost 250 million anymore - more like 100 million.

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