Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thoughts on the Wind PTC

I think a lot of us want to hear the Wind Industry say something like this: We, the Wind Industry, don't want the PTC forever. We, the Wind Industry, want an extension of the PTC that starts at 2 cents/kWh and shrinks down quarterly by X to Y mils (depending on conditions) until it phases out. We, the Wind Industry, believe we can install a lot more wind and become more competitive if given this extension. 

The wind industry would have my full support with that kind of pitch. All I want to see is something that looks like progress. I think there are many people like me. It baffles the mind that the wind guys aren't in bargaining mode yet? Why the standoff? Why is it nothing but complaints about jobs lost and factories closing and this that and the other? Yeah... that sucks but the negativity comes off like Greenpeace advertising about polar bears which I for one have never enjoyed. 

I don't want to be sold a sob story about a sinking ship. I want to support a solid idea with a chance of standing on its own feet. Give us a good plan and we'll sign your petition for a PTC extension. If you have a good product you have to believe in it enough to put skin in the game and meet the public half way. I've bet my best and lost plenty skin in my days so I'm not armchairing it here. I expect skin from wind. A lot of people (me included) have been living under wage freezes. We're making it work. Even Hollywood is taking pay cuts and compromising these days. Hockey is totally out to lunch. But I digress. 

The message from the coal et al. opposition is weak but it works. Let them start fine tuning their instruments and things go south fast. Dear Wind Industry... Make a deal.

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