Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Build the Best Lighthouse Ever... Call it the Photoelectric Research Center

Lighthouse at Alexandria
They should move all the photoelectric activities of NREL to California. It was a ridiculous strategic mistake to put the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) in Colorado in the first place so distant from all the money and minds at Stanford, Berkeley and CalTech. It's about time we fixed the mistake and launched a Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC type PR campaign all at the same time.

Call the institution PERC - Photoelectric Research Center

Has a nice ring right? Damn right it does.

You kill multiple birds with this new institute. First off you give solar energy a new better roll-off-the-tounge name - photoelectric rather than photovoltaic. Second off you distance PE from a generic grouping with renewables. We should think of renewables individually just as we think individually of coal, oil, nuclear and gas. Solar is by far the most plentiful resource on the planet - there's no good reason to group it with tidal energy.

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