Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quote and B.O.T.E.

Kyocera’s Schröer, perhaps embodying the conservative nature of his company (which he sought to emphasize during the discussion), said that Japan is likely to see around three GW installed in 2012, with the same figure being reached in 2012. He also made the important point that a paradigm shift was currently underway in the user market for photovoltaic, in that consumers were no longer looking at how much they will make from an installation, but rather how much they can save on utility bills - as grid parity is reached in certain markets.


Average price of residential electricity in Japan: 30 cent/kWh

Potential production costs of solar: 10ish cent/kWh

Potential share of residential load: About 50%

Average residential consumption: 6000 kWh/year (Same as California)

Savings: .20*3000 = $600/year

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