Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Project Prices... Shames and WOWs

California...Here's a 200 MW Imperial Valley project for 360 million - $1.8/Watt

Spain...Here's a 60 MW Spanish project for 60 million Euro - $1.3/Watt

These may not be all in costs. Perhaps Solar Magazine has taken to tantalizing their audience with BS statistics. If so, SHAME on them. If not, WOW.

Germany...Here's an update on the German solar market.

United Kingdom...Here's a 3.93 kWp Tesco promotional package for the U.K. market priced at £6,799 - $2.7/Watt. This price is down from £14,499 last November. The extraodinary drop in prices ($5.75/Watt to $2.7/Watt) over a few months shows how much installers in the U.K. were over-charging previously. We've seen the same sort of price corrections following FiT adjustments in Germany, Italy and Australia. We'll see the same sort of price response when the U.S. removes the odd hodge-podge of perversely ineffective incentives they currently have.

California... Speaking of perverse ... The CSI lists the average installed cost of PV systems in California at $7.83/Watt. If you look more specifically at installs over the last month (rather than the last year) the average cost is tracking around $5.5/Watt. Please note this is about where the U.K. was 5 months ago.

Factory..."Module prices are being forecasted at the €0.51–0.55/watt range for Q4..."

Fresco of the Week

Triumphant Achilles dragging Hector's body around Troy, from a panoramic fresco of the Achilleion...

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