Friday, June 1, 2012

Economics of Photoelectricity - June

Economics of Photoelectricity - June Update

Calculations & Documentations
Assumption Sets
Input Parameters
Reference Lists
Results & Calculation
Sources - Long
Sources - Short List
Components - Supply, Demand and Price Tracking
Cell Prices by Month
Cell Prices by Quarter & Year
Italy, Price Progression
Module Cost Breakdown
Module Prices by Month
Module Prices by Quarter & Year
Poly Prices by Month
Poly Prices by Quarter & Year
Polysilicon Supply & Demand
Processing Costs, ASP, ETC.
PV Price & Production History
PVX Price Trend
System ASPs by Country
Systemf, Module & BOS ASPs
System Breakdowns
Wafer Prices by Month
Wafer Prices by Quarter & Year
Energy Statistics
California, Electricity Use
Coal, Oil, Natural Gas Prices
Europe, Energy Prices in EURO
Germany, Electricity Trend
Germany, Electricity Use
Italy, Electricity Use
Japan, Electricity Use
World Electricity Prices
World, Energy Prices in USD
FiT Schedules
China, FiT Schedule
France, FiT Schedule
Germany, FiT Schedule
Italy, FiT Schedules
Japan, FiT Schedule
Malaysia, FiT Schedule
Ontario, FiT Schedule
South Korea, FiT Schedule
Swiss, FiT Schedule
Taiwan, FiT Schedule
UK, FiT Schedules
FiT Notes
Et Cetera
Capex Notes
Champion Efficiency
kWh per kWp
Manufacturing Plants
Roof Area by Country
Wafer Dimensions
Watt per Piece
Money Stuff
Current to Constant Dollars
Exchange Rates
Financing Notes
Infation Rates
U.S. Treasure Rates
Installation Statistics
European PV Market Shares
Italy PV Market Shares
Germany, Monthly Installations
Germany PV Market Shares
Solar Projects
Transmission Projects
U.K., Monthly Installations
U.K., Weekly Installations
World Installs
2011 Installations

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