Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear Google News

I don't want stories about child molestation or rape. I don't want stories about murders or suicides. I don't want stories about car bombers. I don't want stories about ENTER NAME HERE. Call me crazy... I want some news but I don't want to wake up to downer crap. 

What's the deal Google? I'm sure thousands of folks have posted about this so you know we want this. I've never read a good Google response as to why you aren't adding this. Jeez... Imagine if you didn't allow the minus sign on searches. That would be silly. Imagine if Facebook didn't allow you to delete a stalker from your friend list. All I've ever heard is that you're looking into it. Lame, out of touch and unimaginative. You could be building the news page into a Facebook type page if you put some resources into it. Have you thought about that? Who's in charge there? I send you all sort of good ideas but you goofs got ears like grandpas. 

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